Learning math in a small group can be a much more affordable option for getting math help.  Not only can you learn from your classmates, but also still have the  opportunity to work one on one with the teacher when needed.   Contact Mark to learn more about how to join a small group math class.

Small group classes (Must have a minimum of 3 students)

Rate: $50/week (2 live 1 hour classes per week, with follow up independent assignments)

    Available Content Areas 

    • Grade level courses for grades 5-8
    • PreAlgebra
    • Algebra 1
    • Geometry
    • Algebra 2
    • PreCalculus
    • Trigonometry

    Class Format details

    • Two live 1 hour sessions per week for direct instruction and guided practice using the Schoolified online learning platform.  Schoolified is a video conferencing software designed specifically to maximize student engagement and participation during online classes.  Students will join the class using a touchscreen device, allowing them to not only view the teacher’s work, but also practice problems during class and receive immediate teacher feedback. (Note: there is a small administrative fee for using Schoolified payable at registration)
    • Students will have follow up independent practice assignments after each live session
    • Parents will receive weekly progress reports showing independent practice achievement and progress toward mastery of each concept.
    • Curriculum can be provided using Khan Academy, which is a free online resource. Students will have weekly online assignments.  All online exercises have immediate written feedback for students with worked out solutions for every problem.  Mark will teach, manage assignments, monitor student progress online, and report to parents weekly. 
    • Parent chosen curriculum can also be used as long as at least 3 students agree to use the same curriculum. Participating families will need to provide teacher’s guides and any other necessary curriculum materials.  Parents will be responsible for grading and monitoring daily practice assignments at home and providing feedback to Mark to guide the content of the live sessions. Any quizzes and tests will be taken outside the live session times and will be the parent’s responsibility to administer and return for grading. 


    Fall of 2022:  

    • All courses will run 16 weeks (Aug. 29-Dec. 16)