Philosophy of Learning and Teaching:

Over the last 34 years I have taught every level of math in K-12. I don't just love math, I love teaching math even more. Breaking down abstract math concepts into simplified incremental steps that everyone can grasp, understand, and succeed with is what I do for my students.

I believe EVERYONE CAN LEARN MATH if they have the desire to learn and the willingness to work.  A person’s capacity to learn math concepts has more to do with effort and attitude, than with natural ability. I am here to support and encourage that desire and willingness, and to guide each learner over the stumbling blocks that come along. 

Personal History

I graduated from college with a degree in Chemical Engineering, but after working for a few years as a professional engineer, I discovered that my passion was teaching. I have taught math (and quite a few other subjects) for over 34 years in every grade from kindergarten to 12th grade. Twenty three years were at the elementary level, and eleven were at the high school level. 

Educational Background

B.S. Chemical Engineering (Tulane University)

M.S. Educational Theory and Practice (Arkansas State University). 

Teaching Experience

Northwest Arctic School District - Buckland, Alaska (1 year)

Denali Borough School District - Healy, Alaska (20 years)

Anchorage School District- Anchorage, Alaska (1 year)

Grace Christian School - Anchorage, Alaska (12 years)

Private online math tutor: cattle ranch near Wheatland, Wyoming (3 years).  Markimage.jpg

When I’m not learning and teaching math, I love to read, hike, fish, and work with my hands on all kinds of building projects.  My latest project has been to build out a cargo van into a camper van so that my wife and I can travel and explore beautiful places.

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