Do you want to help your child "Beat the Summer Slide" in their math learning?

Research has shown that students can lose up to 30% of their math learning over the summer months.

I have developed several courses for students in grades 5-10 to practice math concepts and prepare them for success in the coming school year.

Each course:

  • Is 4 weeks long (choose June or July)
  • Has 2 live sessions per week where students can ask specific questions and get one-on-one help (8 live classes total)
  • Has weekly assignment sets for students to complete independently, with immediate feedback and suggested strategies on every problem attempted
  • Provides parents with weekly progress reports
  • Provides an award certificate for successful completion
  • Has a maximum class size of 10 students

I offer summer courses at the following math levels:

Middle School Level 1 (Grade 6)

Middle School Level 2 (Grade 7)

Middle School Level 3 (Grade 8)

High School Algebra 1 Readiness

High School Geometry Readiness

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